Fish Playing House With Random Aquarium Equipment


Blue Spot Jawfish in Eshopps Frag Rack
Sometimes aquarium fish pick the most random places to hide or take up long term residence. Clownfish, for example, have been known to hover around magnetic algae cleaners and filtration equipment, as well as a ton of other things. These fish would commonly bypass the anemone or soft corals that the hobbyist specifically bought for the fish and choose random equipment instead. Despite the prevalence of this “hosting” behavior, I never thought I’d see what’s in the photo above. Laurie, a regular here at AquaNerd, sent us a photo of a blue spot jawfish using the holes in a frag rack as its temporary burrow. I’ve always known jawfish to have tremendous personality, which makes them so appealing to hobbyists, but this individual obviously takes the cake.

So, now that I’ve seen this, I have to ask the question. Who else has pictures of their livestock exhibiting random or unusual behavior like shown above?


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