More Details Emerge on PM’s New HOT-1v2 Hang-On Protein Skimmer


Hang-on Tank Protein Skimmer

Just yesterday we released images and information of Precision Marine’s brand new HOT-1v2 hang-on protein skimmer. At the time we wrote the article, PM hadn’t quite released all of the product information, so we could only go by what was shown in the pictures. Fortunately, PM has unveiled a few details on this new hang-on tank protein skimmer, including dimensions, tank ratings, and included accessories. The new HOT-1v2 includes a 3″ Limewood diffuser, along with a free spare diffuser, a Maxi-Jet 400 pump, and a drain valve that allows for easy access to the diffuser for maintenance. As for the skimmer’s dimensions, it measures 10″x3.75″ and takes up very little space behind your aquarium. This HOT skimmer is capable of handling saltwater aquariums at 50-gallons or less.

Precision Marine HOT-1v2 Protein Skimmer


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