Oceanic Trimming the Fat, Not Going Away Entirely


Oceanic Logo

The web has been abuzz with all sorts of misinformation about the Oceanic brand disappearing. At first, Central Garden & Pet was pulling the plug on Oceanic. Then we heard speculation that that the more popular of the Oceanic products would be rebranded, most likely under the Aqueon badge. A couple of sources even told us that the Oceanic brand used to launch higher end aquarium equipment.

To cut through the speculation, we went straight to the source. We’ve spoken to several Central Aquatics sales reps, as well as multiple aquatics retailers that carry the Oceanic brand, and we’re happy to tell you that no, Oceanic is not disappearing. However, some of their products are getting the ax. Central Aquatics has streamlined the brand due to an overabundance of overlapping products with other product lines owned by the company, more specifically the Aqueon aquariums. The Oceanic brand will now focus its attention on BioCubes and BioCube related products, as well as the Illuminata series aquariums, Oceanic chillers, and the still very popular Oceanic salt.


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