Orphek Announces Moonlight and PR-25 Colors


Orphek PR-25 Spectrum

Orphek recently revealed the colors that will be available on their PR-25 spotlights and mysterious new moonlight (PR-ML7), both of which have yet to be released. The PR-25, which is actually a PAR38 lamp, will come with 12 dimmable diodes driven at 2watts each. The diodes will be available in three different spectrums, 15000K white, 450-460nm blue, and 380-410nm UV. Each diode will be treated to a 60 degree lens, which will provide plenty of light coverage while maintaining good water penetration. Orphek has played around tremendously with different mixtures of these three diodes, and will be offering up two models intially. The first is a UV-based model with 6 blue diodes, 4 white diodes, and 2 UV. The other model is a even split of blue and white diodes. Orpek currently has plans to release new colors on a monthly basis for several consecutive months. Orphek expects the retail price for each PR-25 to be under $200 and a release date sometime later this month or maybe in April.

Switching gears to the new moonlight, the PR-ML7 will feature four 450-460nm blue diodes and three UV diodes all driven at 2watts. There is very little information on this light at the moment, but judging by the color combination provided, this lamp will make your tank and corals absolutely glow at night. Additionally, you could always use the PR-ML7 as a color enhancing lamp over your reef tank during daytime hours.

For more information on these lamps and to see more spectrographs, please visit the Orphek Blog.


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