Seeing the Tunze Masterstream in Person


Tunze Masterstream

Last May Tunze released their massive Masterstream pumps to the world. Of course, we were amazed by the sheer size and specifications of this pump, but none of that could be truly appreciated until seeing it in person. And we had just that opportunity this past weekend with our trip to the DFW NextWave conference. Tunze showed up in full force, with various pumps and skimmers to incite drooling among passing aquarium hobbyists. The Masterstream comes in two models, with each measuring over 13 inches long. Sure, it has a pretty big in-tank footprint, but the Tunze Masterstream isn’t for you average aquarium. The 6512 puts out a jaw dropping 20,000+ gallons per hour, with the 6515 increasing nearly doubling that number. Despite their massive flow numbers, these pumps use relatively little energy. For example, at maximum speed, the 6512 uses only 90watts!

Supplied with these pumps is a Tunze 7096 mutlicontroller and come with the ability to run off of DC power sources like car batteries in the event of an emergency. The retail on these pumps starts around $2800, climbing to around $3400 for the larger model. These are obviously out of the reach or need of most hobbyists, but they are cool to discuss nonetheless.

Tunze Masterstream Pump


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