Taking Reef Junkyism to the Next Level


So your spouse, friends, and co-workers all think you’re addicted to aquariums. You go out of your way to visit the local aquarium stores, talk non-stop about fish and equipment, and start having withdrawals if you haven’t seen or read anything reef related in more than a couple of hours. Of course, your friends are all completely right about what you call dedication (they call addiction), but they just don’t have a clue as to how bad it can get. They’ve yet to see the extreme hobbyist who builds his house around his reef tank.

Mr. Saltwater Tank paid a visit to a reef junky that makes the typical OCD reefkeeper look like a laid back slob. The tank in the video above is not only beautiful, but the owner has done an exceptional job of putting all of the equipment together in a setup that probably everyone reading this would be insanely jealous of. Most of the bulky equipment has been located outside his home, leaving tons of room in his sump and keeping the area surrounding his tank free of clutter. The RO/DI filter, calcium reactor, chiller, and saltwater mixing station have all been placed outdoors, hopefully in the back yard so he doesn’t have to fight the homeowner’s association, and the a significant amount of the hobbyist’s electrical equipment and wiring has been stored in a small cabinet next to the tank. This setup did take significant planning and rearranging to get just right, and even then it’s not quite good enough to leave alone for the tinkerer judging from a few comments in the video.


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