The Cherry Corals Scolymias are HOT!


Cherry Corals Incrediscoly 2.0

By now you’ve all seen the stunning “Incrediscoly” from Cherry Corals. Well, the coral retailer isn’t done showing off their amazing Scolymia collection. Just a few days ago they shared images of their new “Incrediscoly 2.0”, along with multiple other breath taking Scolys. The new Incrediscoly isn’t quite as beautiful as the original, but the combination of all green, orange, red, and yellow is still eye catching. In fact, this new coral sold within a matter of hours to the tune of $1000. Personally, I’m not sure if I would be able to sell a coral this beautiful. I’m not knocking Cherry Corals, but these gems seen below don’t come around very often and I think I would go into hoarding mode.

Keeping reading below for images of a few more stunning Scolymias, including my favorite of the bunch, simply dubbed “Masterpiece”.

Cherry Corals Agent Orange Scolymia

Agent Orange Scolymia from Cherry Corals

Cherry Corals Mean Green Masterpiece Scolymia

Cherry Corals Mean Green Masterpiece

Cherry Corals Masterpiece Scolymia

Cherry Corals Masterpiece Scolymia


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