The New CAD Lights 40-Gallon Long Artisan Aquarium


CAD Lights 40G Long Artisan Aquarium
CAD Lights, the popular manufacturer of complete all-in-one nano aquariums and more recently larger systems, has released a new 40-gallon long Artisan rimless aquarium system. While the 40-gallon isn’t the largest volume aquarium the company offers, it’s the longest production tank they offer.

The 40-gallon Artisan measures 36″L x 16″W x 16″T and comes with 10mm low-iron glass, with each pane getting treated to highly polished edges which offer a high-end look without the high-end cost. The system comes standard with an unbelievable list of equipment, which includes a 13-gallon sump with refugium, trapezoid-shaped laser cut acrylic overflow box in the tank, Bubble Magus NAC-3+ protein skimmer, refugium lamp, return pump, plumbing kit, all packed into a solid wood cabinet. The price tag for this setup is $600, which is virtually nothing when you take all of the equipment into account. Several upgrade options are available for this setup, and they include a 120watt LED pendant with a stainless steel lamptree, a couple of different cabinet options, and even a 36″ remote controlled LED light fixture. The units are currently in stock, and CAD Lights says they’ll ship in a little as two days from your order.


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