The New Pacific Sun Galileo LED


Pacific Sun Galileo Fixture

Pacific Sun recently announced their newest LED fixture, the Galileo. This fixture measures a measly 8.6″ x 5.1″ and is loaded with Cree XP-G LEDs, making it ideal for nano aquariums with high light demands. The Galileo comes with 120 degree optics, spreading the light out quite a bit and allowing a single fixture to cover larger area. In fact, one fixture can cover an area of 20″x20″. The Cree LEDs will come in four colors and two different wattages, including a 5watt cool white, 5watt natural white, 3watt royal blue, and 3watt blue.

Standard on/off buttons will be present on the fixture, as will be a port that allows users to connect the Galileo to a GHL ProfiLux controller and control all 3 channels independently. If one fixture isn’t big enough ton suit your lighting needs, multiple units can be daisy chained together. The regular price on the Galileo will be $600, and bundle packs with Profilux equipment will also be available. Expect the Galileo to be available sometime in April or shortly thereafter.

Pacific Sun Galileo Fixture Back


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