Chaetodon declivis Seen Eating Flake Food on Video


Blue Harbor, the world renowned importer of rare marine fish, has been quite busy over the last couple weeks. They imported the very rare Rainfordia opercularis, and now they have a Marquesan Butterflyfish, otherwise known as Chaetodon declivis. This butterflyfish isn’t extremely rare, but it certainly isn’t in every online fish store either. They typically fetch around $350 for a smaller specimen and they require special care to ensure they are eating and thriving in the home aquarium. The C. declivis butterfly isn’t exactly reef safe either, as it may nip at coral polyps. Given its beauty though, I’d bet that most hobbyists wouldn’t mind sacrificing a few of their Acropora colonies to keep one of these beauties.

The Marquesan butterflyfish in the video above is obviously eating flake food, which is a very good sign given its fairly finicky nature. This individual was most likely taken from Christmas Island, the area where most if not all of these gorgeous fish come from.


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