Coral Thief Caught on Video


We typically try to show videos of a much more cheerful nature on Fridays, but this one is certainly nothing to be happy about. Marine Aquatics, an aquarium store located in Utah, recently had several thousands of dollars worth of corals snatched right out of one of their display reef aquariums by an unknown man. The thief obviously had a preconceived plan to steal these corals, as you can see him placing a large bucket right outside the store’s front door just prior to entering. After entering the aquarium store, the thief casually looks around, eventually coaxing the store’s clerk farther into the back of the business. Once the clerk is distracted enough, the thief makes a bee-line to the display aquarium and hurriedly gathers up several corals. Once the corals were snatched, the thief makes his way out to the bucket he left on the ground prior to entering the store. And during his tank raid, he knocks over several rocks in the process, which probably injured other corals in the tank.

Fortunately for the aquarium store owner, the facility is loaded with surveillance cameras. At least seven cameras monitor the premises, and each one shows a different angle of the thief’s quick and destructive trip through the fish store. It is estimated that $4000 in coral was stolen from the fish store, and the store owner believes this thief has stolen from him before. However, the owner doesn’t think the thief is stealing to resell the hot corals. Instead, the corals are believed to be for the thief’s personal collection. Regardless, it’s a terrible situation and hopefully the authorities will be able to catch the thief.


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