Ecoxotic’s 100watt Elliptical Cannon Now Available


Ecoxotic 100watt Elliptical Cannon

Ecoxotic has finally made their 100watt elliptical Photon Cannon available to aquarium hobbyists, despite us knowing about them for several months now. This pendant differs from the previously offered Cannon in that it has a 100watt multi-chip LED and an elliptical mirror, as opposed to a circular one. This new shape allows for greater light spread over longer tanks, also reducing the number of pendants required to fully illuminate the aquarium.

The elliptical Photon Cannon will be offered in 12,000K White and 453nm Blue. The LED driver is sold separately, and a dimmable driver is also available to purchase.

Prices, features and images below.

Ecoxotic 100watt Elliptical Cannon Angled


  • 100watt elliptical Photon Cannon (either color): $499
  • Non-dimmable LED driver: $90
  • Dimmable LED driver: $130


  • Adjustable swivel bracket for mounting options
  • Dimmable & non-dimmable remote LED drivers
  • 100 watt multi-chip LED in 12K white or 455nm Blue
  • Elliptical reflector for wide light sprea

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