Footage of the Orphek PR-156 in Action


An Orphek customer recently shared a pair of videos demonstrating his Orphek PR-156 LED fixtures with us. The first video shows the two fixtures operating under normal daytime conditions, with all diodes firing. The light emitted is a crisp white, as it features a healthy mix of Orphek’s new generation of LEDs. These new LEDs consist of both 16000K white and 463nm royal blue bulbs.

The second video, which can be seen after the page break, really highlights the super blue actinic lighting that is available on the PR-156. Each fixture is only firing four blue LEDs, though many many more are on during the fixture’s normal daytime operation, and it bathes the tank in a rich fluorescing glow. With the built-in timers that come standard with the PR-156, aquarium hobbyists can really create dramatic dawn-to-dusk lighting, as well as nighttime illumination.


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