Gramma Dejongi Shows Up in Thailand


The amazingly beautiful Gramma dejongi has officially landed in another part of the world other than the US. The Cuban native shown in the video above is courtesy of Chingchai aka “peakmaxbest“, who is the owner of the famous 1000-gallon DSPS tank we’ve all come to know and love. The addition of G. dejongi just adds to the rare collection of fish swimming in the massive aquarium.

This basslet is still unavailable to US aquarium keepers due to the area from which it is collected, though I suppose De Jong Marinelife, a Netherlands-based importer from which the Gramma gets its name, could send a couple this way. Until that day happens, I guess we’ll just have to keep drooling over photos and video this fish from reefkeepers in other parts of the world.


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