London Sea Life Aquarium Highlight Video


The jet lag from the trip back home from London is still kicking my butt, but I managed to arrange some of the footage taken at the London Sea Life Aquarium. The video above highlights a handful of aquariums at the facility, including the large display tank full of tons of different fish and a fake whale skeleton, an aquarium full of clownfish and rose bubble tip anemones, a garden eel display, Bangaii cardinalfish hovering over soft corals, and a packed reef tank full of corals and some fairly uncommon fish.

Overall, the aquarium wasn’t a jaw-dropper, but it certainly had its bright spots which can be seen in the video above. I can’t say that I had a favorite exhibit, but I did enjoy seeing a very healthy Achilles tang swimming among a group of anthias and a decent backdrop of corals. The freshwater displays were very nice, especially the planted aquariums, but we’re fairly partial to saltwater aquariums here at AquaNerd so they won’t get much (or any) airtime unfortunately. So enjoy the video while I try to recuperate and get back on track with the normal routine.


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