Orphek PR-ML7 Making Corals Glow in Still Images


Orphek PR-ML7 PAR30 LED

The crew at Orphek recently showed off some images of their new PR-ML7 color enhancing light that also doubles as a moonlight. Their new PR-ML7 has seven diodes on board, four of which are blue and three are ultraviolet. Each LED uses 2watts, bringing the total power consumption of the lamp to about 14watts. The ML7 uses a PAR30 form factor that screws into the standard light socket, which is a bit smaller than the PAR38 we’ve all come to know and love. The blue light emitted form this lamp is obviously quite blue, and as you can tell from the pictures, it does a great job at making corals glow. It is purely for accent lighting purposes and will be a great supplement to any existing lighting scheme over your aquarium.

Montipora Digitata Under Orphek ML7

More images can be seen after the page break. And if you want even more photos, please visit Orphek’s Blog.

Ricordea Glowing Under Orphek ML7

Orphek PR-ML7 PAR30 LED

Orphek PR-ML7 Spectrograph


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