Sfiligoi Astra Now Available and Shipping


Sfiligoi Astra LED Over Nano

Sfiligoi recently announced that their long-awaited Astra LED fixture is finally available and shipping. The lighting manufacturer first announced the Astra fixture almost a year ago, and it looks like it has only undergone a small number of changes since that announcement. This new LED fixture is designed for nano aquariums and has 18 Cree diodes. The color combination consists of 12 white (8500K) LEDs and 6 blue, and the fixture chews up a total of 45watts. Sfiligoi has hinted at customizability of the LEDs, which means other color options may be available in the future either from Sfiligoi or as a DIY add on.

The Astra is obviously a stylish fixture, and can be mounted to tanks with glass 5-10mm with the Sfiligoi clamp kit or it can be suspended with hanging kit. We are unsure if the clamp kit and hanging kit come with the fixture, but we are assuming that they will because they aren’t offered on the Sfiligoi website or the sites of its distributors, and for the price of this LED fixture both kits should. And since we’re discussing pricing, the fixture comes standard at $725 and a dimmable version is available for $795.  The dimmable Astra can be controlled via the Neptune Aquacontroller Apex, GHL Profilux, or the Sfiligoi Link.


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