The New Neuco Deep Blue Star 20K Bulb


Neuco Deep Blue Star 20K Lamp

CoralVue recently announced that they will be carrying yet another German made Neuco lamp. The new lamp will be the Deep Blue Star 20,000K metal halide lamp, and is said to contain a very high percentage of a refined blue spectrum to really make your corals glow. CoralVue even claims that the Deep Blue Star 20K lamp is better than the extremely popular Radium 20K, which coincidentally is having several issues exporting their hardware. This will mean that Radiums will dry up fairly quickly and reef hobbyists will need another blue bulb to replace their expiring bulbs with.

The Neuco 20K will be available in 250w single and double-ended bases, as well as a 400w single-ended base. They are also said to be able to work on any electronic ballast and magnetic ballast, though the magnetic ballasts will cause some variation in the bulbs color temperatures and lamp life.


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