Tip of the Day – 4/17/2011


A pair of clownfish that swim in the same aquarium or even reside in the same anemone without killing each other is not a mated pair. They are just two clownfish tolerating each other. Mated clownfish are those that actually lay eggs and exhibit mating behaviors. Clowns that share the same anemone and swim close to each other on a regular basis but do not mate can be considered a bonded pair. These titles are important to distinguish from each other because many hobbyists who have a bonded pair of clownfish think or state that the pair is mated, despite the fish never showing any mating activity. Properly identifying the fish’s interactions is important, especially when you want to sell the fish. A pair of mated clownfish is often far more expensive than a bonded pair, as many hobbyists want to try to raise clownfish offspring.


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