We Love Macro HD Aquarium Videos


We stumbled across this video, and even though it’s a few years old, it’s still an amazing piece of footage. The video was shot in high definition with a macro lens, exposing the intricacies of Tridacnid clams, turbo snails, Acroporids, and bubble tip anemones. You might notice there’s no super rare fish, high end corals, or odd invertebrates. In fact, everything in the video is pretty much run of the mill aquatic livestock. But the detail of each animal is awe inspiring. The Turbo snail, for example, has some king algae growing on its side, and in that algae a spaghetti worm is reaching about for whatever food morsels it can find. The rasping radula of the snail can be seen scraping food off the glass, all the while cruising through a group of almost invisible isopods.

To me, this is just a cool video. Again, there’s nothing terribly exotic about the subjects of the video clip, but seeing them in macro high definition makes them so much more interesting.


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