AquaHouse Dosing Pumps Now Available Through CoralVue


AquaHouse Dosing Pump
CoralVue has added yet another new product to their ever expanding lineup. The AquaHouse dosing pump is an easy to use, low wattage peristaltic pump that can be used for dosing certain additives, performing automatic water changes, or top off any evaporated water your aquarium setup might experience. This dosing pump features a micro-computer that allows flow rates of 1ml to 99ml per cycle, with a maximum of 1 cycle per hour. The controller also allows for a minimum of 1 cycle per 9 days, so you can really dial in the precise amounts and times for aquarium dosing. The 2.2watt pump measures a measly 2.5″x5″ and multiple units can be chained together if need be.

The AquaHouse dosing pumps are currently available and they look to have a retail price of approximately $100.


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