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Seems like a lot of aquarium companies are hiring these day…which means things are going well for the industry. EcoTech Marine is the latest company to open up its doors and offer up a new and exciting career. They have created a new customer service representative position and are looking for hands-on aquarium enthusiasts. This new customer service rep will have direct interaction with customers via phone, email, or face-to-face and will be responsible for educating customers on the product line, processing orders, performing repairs, and a whole slew of other duties related to the product line. If you are interested in the position, EcoTech Marine asks that you send your resume and cover letter to their hiring management partner hireVision Group.

A list of minimum requirements and desired characteristics can be seen below.

Minimum Requirements

* High School Degree
* Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
* Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
* Experienced Saltwater Reef Aquarist

Desired Characteristics

* Experience using Epicor Software
* Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to listen effectively
* Able to think and reason in an analytic fashion
* Ability to provide excellent service to various personalities of end users
* Strong organization and record keeping skills
* Stress tolerance, attention to detail and accuracy
* Willing to build a long-term relationship with the customer and the Company
* Has empathy for the customer’s situation
* Has the desire to delight customers, above and beyond the call of duty
* Has a “thick skin” and is able to tactfully and proactively handle complaints


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