Ecoxotic EcoPico on Video From ADG


Aquarium Design Group, a custom aquarium design, installation, and maintenance company based right here in Houston, has released some exciting video of an Ecoxotic EcoPico that they recently dressed up. The 5-gallon tank uses the stock filtration system, but the crew at ADG has been performing 30% water changes every day with Tropic Marin salt. The stock Ecoxotic lighting was modified to include a total of 5 LED strips, consisting of a mix of 12K and 453nm diodes. The setup itself is obviously very beautiful. It is full of predominately soft corals like mushrooms and Zoanthids, with the occasional LPS mixed in. Other inhabitants of the tank include a pair of purple firefish and at least one pajama cardialfish, though others may be hiding in the rock structure.

I couldn’t imagine doing 30% water changes on a daily basis, but it has obviously paid off as this aquarium is extremely clean, beautiful, and devoid of any unsightly algae. And with water changes this large, you rule out the need for dosing, topping off evaporated water, or worrying about ammonia spikes. The corals all look great and are expanded nicely under the LEDs, and to me the color combination is perfect…not too white, not too blue.


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