Kessil Lighting Seen on Video Over Reef Tank


Back in March, the Kessil A150W LED aquarium light virtually came out of nowhere. In fact, the company who makes the light actually specializes in plant illumination for indoor farming, but they decided to broaden their specialty into the aquarium realm. The A150W uses Dense Matrix LED technology to recreated a single point-like source of light, which provides an intense shimmer effect like metal halides but without all of the associated heat issues and power usage. Now, we see Kessil’s new LED pendant sitting over a pretty packed 150-gallon reef from YouTube user “22svk22 “. Five of these pendants can be seen dangling above the aquarium, and each appears to be the 20000K Deep Ocean Blue model.

If you recall from our previous post, the Kessil LED light uses around 36watts of energy and will cover an area of about 24″. The lights retail for approximately $250.


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