New Era Fish Foods Now Available to Hobbyists


New Era Marine Flakes
Aqua Digital Inc, the North American distributor for many different products like GHL ProfiLux and Skimz aquarium equipment, has recently announced that they will also be distributing New Era fish foods. This fish food brand has only been available to the public aquarium sector, and they’ve developed quite a loyal following apparently. Hobbyists haven’t had the opportunity to get their hands on this brand of food, until now that is. The extremely popular New Era flake and pellet food will be available to purchase at the retail level, and we assume most of their other great food products will also be made available in this manner.

The New Era Marine Flakes is the standard food product and it incorporates natural ingredients and preservatives to give your fish and other aquarium pets a well balanced diet. This food is designed to minimize leaching of undesirable nutrients back into the aquarium, and “complements” the filtration system of your tank. The Marine Pellets from New Era are somewhat similar to the flakes in that they also consists of natural ingredients and preservatives. However, it differs from the flakes in that the the ingredients are combined into a putty-like consistency. Each pellet has a diameter of approximately 2mm with a length of 4mm, and they can be used in a variety of ways to feed your tank, including automated feeding devices.

A few well known facilities that use New Era fish food include the Steinhart Aquarium and Dubai Mall aquarium. A video and an image of the pellets can be seen after the page break.

New Era Marine Pellets


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