New ProfiLux SMS Text Messaging Module from GHL


GHL ProfiLux SMS Module PAB
GHL ProfiLux has recently replaced their old SMS-Module with a shiny new one. Their updated SMS-Module-PAB now offers two different connections, the RS232 and the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus, whereas the previous module only had the RS232. A total of 2 RS232 and 2 PAB interfaces are present on this new module, allowing it to be connected to a ProfiLux II or 3 while also connecting it to a PC or ProfiLux View at the same time. And with the help of an on-board Lithium-ion battery, the module can even send you a text message even when the lights go out.

All of the settings on the GHL ProfiLux SMS-Module-PAB can be easily changed up with a computer and the free ProfiLux Control software. The adjustable settings include up to 30 different phone numbers that can easily be changed, password protection, and several more. A SIM-card slot is also present on the module, as is a Quadband GSM-sender/receiver that can use almost all radio networks worldwide. Long story short, GHL has designed this module to keep in touch with you whenever your controller encounters an “event”.

An image of the GHL ProfiLux software can be seen below.

ProfiLux SMS Module Software

GHL ProfiLux SMS Module PAB Back


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