Picture of the Week – 5/16 – 5/22


Huge Red Anglerfish

Pictured this week is a huge red anglerfish seen at T&T Fish and Reef (formerly T&T Fish and Reptile) at their new location. This fish is massive, although it’s a bit difficult to see from this picture as there’s little to reference its size to. But one indicator is the small frag of Acans underneath the fish’s foot on the right hand side of the photo. Although it isn’t a big frag, it’s still larger in diameter than a half dollar.

While at the store, which looks great by the way, I got to see this massive ambush predator being hand fed Chromis and other small damsels that had recently died due to shipping stress. Because the store was in transition and the owners were making large livestock puchases, a lot of the newly ordered fish weren’t doing so well. So the angler has been fed heavily over the last several days.


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