Plumbing Has Commenced on Our Rimless Setup


Aquarium Plumbing Schedule 80

After weeks and weeks of things getting in the way, we’ve finally started plumbing the AGE 90-gallon rimless aquarium. The plumbing will all be done in schedule 80 PVC, mostly for the looks of the dark grey PVC. The focus of the tank has always been a modern approach that highlights equipment, but maintains a clean look. This means hiding the plumbing and wires as best as possible. The downside to using this type of PVC is that is thicker, quite a bit thicker actually. The holes in the tank were originally drilled for 1″ schedule 40 plumbing, but because we went with schedule 80, 3/4″ had to be used. This means the drains won’t be able to handle as much flow, but fortunately there are two drains, so the return pump we intend to use shouldn’t cause any issues. The only plumbing chores that were accomplished this weekend were the assembling of the Durso standpipes for the drains and the pieces for the return. All of the under tank plumbing still needs to be done, but without a sump/refugium, it’s pointless to start as I assume many things will change in the process.

More images below.

Durso Standpipe Schedule 80

Aquarium Durso Drain and Return Plumbing

And finally, the plumbing helper fell asleep at his post.

Aquarium Helper Falling Asleep on the Job


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