Stunning Con Artist Chalice from Roc Citi Coralz


Con Artist Chalice from Roc Citi Coralz

We at the AquaNerd Blog truly appreciate jaw dropping corals, and the coral above does nothing but wow. The crew at Roc Citi Coralz recently shared this image of a convict chalice lookalike. The coral doesn’t have the vibrant orange bumps that the original convict chalice has, but its colors are so mesmerizing that it had to be designated a name. So, the New York-based coral e-tailers dubbed the “Con Artist” chalice, which is quite fitting if you really think about it. The Con Artist has similar jagged pinstripes as the convict chalice, but it’s a completely different coral, a con artist if you will. There’s no information on pricing or availability for this stunning chalice, but we expect a typically one-eyed frag to fetch several hundreds of dollars.


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