The ATI Sunpower Becomes Dimmable


ATI Dimmable Sunpower
ATI recently announced through their distributor ReefGeek that their SunPower T5HO light fixtures are now being offered in a dimmable model. The ATI Powermodule, which is essentially a beefed up version of the same light fixture, has been offered in a dimmable version for quite some time, but this set of features is new to the more budget friendly SunPower. The fixture includes a built-in controller with an LCD screen and push button interface. The controller provides 10 individual set-points, allowing for a much more realistic dawn to dusk effect, as well as different daytime conditions.

The dimmable SunPower light fixtures are available in the standard T5HO fixture lengths of 24″, 36″, and 48″, but a 60″ fixture doesn’t appear to be offered. Each of the available lengths will come in 4, 6, and 8 bulb configurations. The light offers up a variety of other features, including an active cooling system, individual parabolic reflectors made from 98% reflective aluminum, built-in electronic ballasts, a removable acrylic shield, 6-foot power cord, and an adjustable “Grip-Lock” hanging kit.

This new SunPower isn’t quite available yet, but is scheduled to be released in June and is currently available to pre-order. Pricing starts at $450 and climbs to $770 for the largest fixture. Keep in mind that some of the prices on the ReefGeek site include a full set of bulbs.


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