Tip of the Day – 5/20/2011


Traveling away from home on business can really make you lonely. You miss the family, you don’t have a fish tank to gawk at (assuming you’re not staying in one of those awesome hotels with a full blown reef tank), and you are completely unfamiliar with the surrounding city. Nothing may make you feel more like home than visiting a local fish store. At least there, you’ll have someone to talk to and a somewhat familiar sight to behold. Simply search the net for nearby fish stores or consult the local aquarium club for all the greatest spots to hit up while you’re gone. Members of the local club are usually very helpful and may point you in a better direction than a quick Google search ever could. Just remember when drooling over a rare fish your local store never orders that you aren’t just a few blocks from home and bringing any new livestock home may be out of the question.


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