3rd Gen Orphek LEDs to Come Out Later This Month


Orphek Power Reef Aquarium LED Lighting System

We’ve recently gotten news that Orphek is going to be releasing a third generation of their Power LEDs later this month. These new diodes will be replacing the current generation of LEDs that were actually released around the beginning of this year. The 3rd gen LEDs will be used in the popular PR-156 and PR-156w, as well as other Orphek products like the PR-25 and PR-ML7. The guys at Orphek have been a little tight lipped about all the details, so we’ll release them once we get word. However, simply going by the change from gen 1 to gen 2, this new set of diodes will most likely see an improvement in the Photosynthetically Usable Radiation (PUR) and a slight shift in the spectral output.


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