Animals Killed and Encased in Plastic Jewelry


Red Ear Slider Encased in Acrylic

Over the weekend, my wife and I took a little getaway trip to San Antonio. We visited a couple of the local fish stores, enjoyed a little of the nightlife, and managed to spend quite a bit of time on the city’s famous River Walk. The river cuts through a mall, which is where I stumbled across a small kiosk full of horrors. The name of the kiosk was “Real Bugs”, and I was immediately drawn to it because at one point, insects were a great passion of mine. The closer I got, the more I got that sickening feeling. The insects were all encased in an acrylic form. Seeing these exotics bugs displayed like this was a bit disturbing to some extent, but what really made me sick was the sight of a juvenile red ear slider, which is a freshwater turtle if you’re not familiar. Then I looked a little more and saw starfish, crabs, and various sea shells. My heart continued to sink, so I walked away.

The more I thought about the little kiosk from hell, the more it angered me. Despite walking away originally, I had to return to get more information on the animals and how they were collected and killed. The kiosk attendant, not surprisingly, had no clue about the jewelry other than their prices. But I did manage to get a business name. Continuing on with my investigation, I did a Google search for the products and came across multiple websites where the jewelry was either sold or advertised. To my surprise, the sites had far more animals available, including frogs, bats, mice, snakes, and tons of invertebrates from both sea and land.

Real Bugs Kiosk

Each of the sites had their own set of frequently asked questions, which held very few answers. None of them said how the animals were killed, but one did say that some of the animals were farm raised, with another saying the animals are from China. Seeing as how there was a lack of info, I emailed each of the companies with a list of questions. To date, I have yet to receive a response, but it has only been short time since I sent the questions, so the lack of a response is somewhat understandable. However, these grotesque novelty dealers will not stop receiving emails from me until I get a response, and I encourage others to email them as well. I am purposefully leaving out their emails, but a simple Google search for “Real Bugs” will give you plenty of places to start.

Oceanic Invertebrate Jewelry

To wrap this rant up, I will admit there is some knowledge to be gained from preserving animals in this fashion. For starters, the sites as a collective do offer skeletons, life cycles, and other life forms that have some place in the educational and scientific communities. Despite this, these companies are still a disgrace, and people should avoid doing business with them as much as possible.

Crab Encased in Acrylic Jewelry

Brandon Klaus Examining Real Bugs


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  • Valjean_24

    These are the coolest gifts i have ever seen. Thank you for your blog. If it were not for you I would have never found and been able to contact this wonderful business. I have been looking for something cool for my 6 kids. This store has received a few hundred dollars in business from me because of you.
    I was doing a Google search for “encased in acrylic” you were top of the list. I am sure I am not the only person you have helped find these wonderfully unique gifts. 

    • we are not supportive of this product and in no way condone the purchasing of animals killed solely for the purpose of jewelry. if you purchased these, i implore you to return them to the store, express disgust in what they are doing to these animals, and demand your money back. these trinkets of death are disgusting.

  • Rouxzsa

    this is a shame we shouldn’t be buying or advertising this kind of companies that make a profit out of killing animals..

  • Thanks

    Frankly, I think their cool, their beautiful especially with flowers and butterflies- but you know what? you entitled to your opinion- I just disagree

  • Keith

    Pretty sick stuff. Man continually kills for no other reason because he can and the blood sacrifice. I have given up hope for mankind – you will reap what you sow. Don’t cry when it is your loved ones or yourself dying because karma is a b1tch.

  • Oopsie

    I make things like this and know many people that do.. No one I know kills them. We collect dead specimens. Just like scientists do. So go rant about how your grass is too long on your golf range. Something you might actually know about.

  • Maria

    the only reason i got here was because i try to encase a fish i love a lot and died. I would never buy any of this as jewelry. breaks my heart to know people believe is worth to take a life to wear it in a ring. is really sickening

  • Hollow Destruction

    Living things are beautiful, it’s understandable that some will want to make them into decorative display items, even if the means behind obtaining specimens can be unethical. If nothing else, think of it as a way to bring little nature into the home and don’t get too worked up about it.

  • Adi Wsp

    if that was your baby , what you will say?

    fking mans, sell anything ,, fking money