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Aquarium Design Group

Listen up greater Houston area, Aquarium Design Group, otherwise known as ADG, has announced they are hiring for a saltwater and freshwater technician. The job requirements are quite simple, have a valid driver’s license and a thorough knowledge of both fresh and saltwater aquaria. The position is an 8-5 Monday through Friday position, and I’m sure there will be some form of on-call schedule as aquarium disasters happen at the most unexpected times. A company phone is just another perk to working for ADG, along with health benefits and great potential for advancement. To apply for the position, simply forward them your resume, or you could always give them a call (information located on their website).

For those who don’t know about ADG, the company is the premier aquarium installation company for the area. Not to mention, they are the US distributor for Aqua Design Amano (ADA) aquariums, which is a Japanese-based style of freshwater aquarium that ignited the rimless reef aquarium craze. ADG has been servicing the Houston area for years and years, and has graciously hosted many of the local aquarium club meetings. I’ve walked the halls of their showroom countless times, and I’ve actually got quite a number of older photos that we can share in the very near future.

The official announcement from ADG can be read below.

Hey Guys!

Aquarium Design Group (ADG) is accepting applications for freshwater and saltwater technicians / specialists. You can email a resume to either myself ( or Mike ( directly.

Position Requirements:

Hours: 8 am to 5pm Monday through Friday
Valid Drivers License
Expert knowledge in Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums and maintenance
Prior experience in the aquarium industry is always a benefactor.

Company Benefits:
Full Coverage Health Insurance eligibility after an introductory 90 days.
Cell Phone provided for work use (typically either an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry).
Advancement Opportunities

Opportunities to advance, including raises are based on the following basic criteria (these are guidelines):

Work Ethic
Motivation to exceed standards
Client satisfaction

We look forward to looking over resumes and getting in contact with those looking for employment and careers at ADG. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!


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