Coral Farming Job Opening in Australia


Australia Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

We all love reading about corals and aquaculturing them right? Well, how about relocating to Australia and getting paid very well for it? No, this isn’t a dream, but it certainly is a dream come true for one lucky soul. The Australia Institute of Marine Science, very popularly known by the acronym AIMS, has a job opening for a research aquarist. The aquarist will lead and develop systems for a prototype facility called the Australian Tropical Oceans Simulator (ATOS). The systems in the facility will be used for the holding, propagating, and breeding of marine organisms used for research purposes, with the primary focus being on corals.

To be considered for the job, the right candidate must have a science degree with at least 10 years experience in a relevant field or a PhD and at least 3-8 years of postdoctoral experience in a relevant field. Of course, breeding and aquaculture skills are also a must, and a little project management experience will also help. The salary for the research aquarist position is roughly $90K – $116K depending on experience, plus up to 15.4% superannuation (the Aussie version of a pension) and a whole slew of other perks. This job opportunity will be offered for a fixed term of three years initially, but I’m sure the right candidate will be able to work well past that. To apply, visit the links below, but hurry as the deadline is June 29th.

Story originally seen on Reef Addicts and the job posting can be found on Aquaculture Jobs.


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