More Info on the Orphek 3rd Gen Diodes


Orphek 3rd Generation LED

We’ve managed to dig up a little more information on the next generation of Orphek LEDs, and we’ve got a few clarifications. For starters, the 3rd gen emitters are not a direct replacement for the diodes used in the current array of Orphek fixtures. Instead, they will be used in future products that will have a smaller number of diodes, but still generating large amounts of PUR (photosynthetically usable radiation). The new 3G LEDs have a single-die, multi-chip emitter that is dimmable and will come in three different wattages, 30w, 100w and 300w.

The other thing that needed a little clarification is the diodes in Orphek’s flagship fixture the PR-156. This light fixture still uses Orphek’s standard Power LED emitters because the Gen 2 emitters would be “too powerful and bleach coral in a fixture like that”. According to Orphek, the Gen 2 emitters emit more PUR per watt than any other emitters in existence and are used to get high PUR numbers from a small number of diodes in products such as the ML7, N7, and PR-25.

A spectrum report of the 3rd Generation LEDs can be seen below.

Orphek 100w 25000K LED


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