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Nemos LED 120watt LED Fixture

Nemos LED only has one fixture on the market so far, called the 120a, but from initial images and spec sheets, it seems to be a monster. The fixture looks much like the lights from a few other companies because, as Nemos admits, it is imported from roughly the same sources. The 120a packs some serious punch with a total of fifty-five 3watt LEDs, consuming a total of 120 watts. At a depth of 20″, the 120a hits over 220 PPFD on the PAR meter, making it ideal for even the deepest of tanks.

When I found Nemos LED, I assumed it was just another Chinese LED importer to add to the masses, but then a I looked a little closer. Their website definitely doesn’t look like most the LED sites I’ve seen. Details about components, including an option to upgrade to CREE LEDs, and PAR readings are everywhere. Their website looks more like a LED information site than someone who sells them. This got me interested to get a hold of them for some more information, so I dropped them an email and went about my day. Less than a half an hour later they called me back, and that’s amazing enough by itself. I then got the pleasure of discussing the LED industry and what Nemos is doing differently with someone who really knows their stuff. Nemos lighting has been using focus groups to plan their products so that we, the customers, get what we want and not what they think we want. We also had a conversation about how they present themselves on the web. Nemos LED is attempting to bridge the elitist gap between the beginner and the advanced hobbyist. They are not just here to make a buck; they are here to make the industry better for good. I for one am happy to see them come and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Nemos LED 20K 120watt LED Fixture

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  • Jerad

    It seems pretty cool but I question its authenticity. They state that they have 55 3watt bulbs and only takes 120 watts… 55*3=165  hmmmm

    ALSO When working with cree, many producers use the old bulbs that preform worse. It wasn’t until they had more money into their research department that they got to where they are now. So their old bulbs that they had were sold off at incredibly low rates. These then are often used in fixtures like this.

    I am not saying that this is for sure what they have done or that they do not have a dimming system on their fixture that makes it 120 watts. I am just saying it is fishy.