Orphek Announces PR-3 for Nanos


Orphek PR-3

Orphek recently revealed over on their blog a new LED light designed for use over smaller aquariums. Called the PR-3, this lamp uses the tiny MR-16 form factor, which has been dominated by halogen lamps for many years. Keeping the lamp potent despite its size is a trio of Orphek’s generation 2 Power LED bulbs at one watt each. The colors that come stock with this lamp are two white and one blue, giving a cool white look while emitting high levels of Photosynthetically Usable Radiation (PUR). We expect more color options to be available in the future, including lamps with the Orphek ultraviolet bulbs.

The PR-3 LED lamps will each require their own ballast, but don’t worry about added costs as they are included with the lamps. There’s currently no set-in-stone release date for these tiny, yet powerful lamps, but their release is imminent.

More images after the page break, including an Orphek spectrograph.

Orphek PR-3 LED Lamp

Spectrograph for the Orphek PR-3


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