Orphek Crams T5 Tubes Full of LEDs


Orphek ML-T5 LED Tubes

Orphek keeps rolling out the new products, with their latest offering being a series of T5 tubes. But these aren’t your standard T5HO fluorescent bulbs. Instead, the glowing gasses have been completely removed from the picture and replaced with Power LED™ emitters. The LED T5 tubes will come in 24, 36, 48, and 60″ options, which are all the standard sizes for traditional T5HO bulbs currently offered to the hobby. The prices are set at $99, $139, $169, and $199 respectively, and each will come with their own power supply and are plug-and-play ready. They will fit into existing T5 fixtures and retrofit setups, but the T5 fixture will likely need some minor modifications to accommodate the tubes. Fortunately, instructions will be included to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

As far as color options go, the new Orphek T5 LED tubes will be available in a moonlight option (combination of blue and UV/true violet emitters) and a daylight option (a combo of true 15k white, blue, and UV/true violet Power LED™ emitters).  Orphek claims their new T5 LED tubes will emit more PUR than the T5 bulbs they are replacing, and indicate that spectral plots will soon be released. Until then, enjoy the pictures of the new product (seen after the page break).


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