Orphek’s New DIF-100 LED Pendants


Orphek DIF-100 Pendants

Orphek has another new product for LED junkies. This new pendant, called the DIF-100, is a 100watt LED powerhouse suitable for public aquariums, aquaculture facilities, commercial greenhouses, and those intense light requiring home reef aquariums. The DIF-100 comes in six color choices and has three interchangeable optics. The available colors are 10K, 15K, 18K, 25K, 420-480nm blue and 580-660nm red. The last color option on that list is obviously not designed for reef aquariums, but is instead intended for horticulture use. As for the optics, a 60 degree, 90 degree, and 120 degree lens is available for the DIF-100. The optics are used to fine tune the light spread over your aquarium, allowing for more of a spotlight effect or really spreading it out.

Ophek also boasts that their new LED pendant has light output equal to a 400watt metal halide, and claims it’s the perfect light for both deep and shallow water aquariums depending on the optics used. The pendant is sealed and rust-proof, which is obviously a must if it’s going to be used over a humid salty environment.

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