ProfiLux Touch Finally Seen on Video


For months we’ve been drooling over images of the all new ProfiLux Touch, and now we’ve finally gotten to feast our eyes on a tutorial video of the device. The aptly called Touch, isn’t an aquarium controller, but rather a color touch screen interface with the GHL ProfiLux 3, the only controller in which it is currently compatible. The Touch has a 4.3″ screen that can show different readings of the aquarium at a quick glance and allow users to change settings in the controller. Additionally, a built-in speaker alarms users when certain parameters become out of whack or time tables are exceeded, such as forgotten water changes…and those are very easy to forget, believe me.

More and more, aquarium controllers are starting look like app-heavy mobile devices, and with good reason too. They are easy to use! Virtually everyone reading this has an iPhone or Droid powered smartphone, each with its own custom collection of applications. Aquarium controller manufacturers realize the popularity of touch screens, and are moving their products in that direction. Heck, you can even control your aquarium with the right smartphone app and a properly setup and compatible aquarium controller.


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