The New Skimz Leopard Skimmer with Inverted Internal Cone


Protein skimmer manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve performance, with skimmers getting more and more gadgets and gizmos. The latest skimmer to employ a unique design is the new Skimz Leopard cone skimmer. From a distance, this new device looks similar to others on the market. It has a brand name needlewheel pump, a bubble diffusing plate, and a gently sloping body and neck that terminates into an oversized collection cup. But upon closer inspection, there’s a small cone located with the skimmer’s body (attached to the center of the bubble plate) that greatly aids in the reduction of turbulence. The inverted cone is said to guide incoming water bubbles to the side of the cone skimmer’s body, while already skimmed water descends down the middle of the inverted cone to exit the skimmer. This improves the efficiency of the Leopard, as it doesn’t have to skim already cleaned water. The pump on this particular skimmer has the Askoll motor block, which is an extremely popular pump for protein skimmers if you weren’t already aware.

Pricing, availability, and model sizes are still unknown at this point. However, there is at least two models, but in all likelihood there will be several. Skimz has been making quite a name for themselves in the protein skimmer department, and I can’t wait to see what all the Leopard has in store.



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