Tip of the Day – 6/29/2011


Sometimes our fish, corals, and invertebrates get infected with various things that can, if left untreated, cause massive amounts of damage. Hobbyists toil away to try and fight whatever the issue is, often resorting to drastic measures. One treatment that is extremely drastic, but not without its results, is freshwater dipping. The hobbyist literally dunks an affected animal into a bucket of freshwater, hoping that the fish will outlast the parasite or random illness in a grueling osmotic battle. Many times, this treatment alone can kill the animal that you’re trying to save. Other times it may actually work. Freshwater dipping is certainly not a tool that I promote, but due to the success many people have had, it’s common practice in many circles. If you do decide to freshwater dip anything from your saltwater aquarium, do so with extreme caution and research the best methods used by fellow hobbyists.


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