Tip of the Day – 6/30/2011


Sometimes local aquarium clubs go through growing pains, or occasionally periods where the club seems like it’s stagnant, or even times when a small group of people take over and ruin for everyone else. People bicker back and forth over silly club policies, or the number of events falls off significantly, or whatever. When a club gets to this point, and you’re fed up with the local club, there are only a handful of routes to take to get your aquarium club fix. The easiest route is to simply abandon the club in favor of finding one that is better suited to your needs. Unfortunately, many cities are dominated by a single club, forcing you to go to the national level. The national clubs are nice, but you may not know anyone there and there certainly aren’t any local events to attend.

When this happens, you can either try to change the club from within, or even start your own club. Both choices may be full of difficulties, but both have the potential for great results. Changing the club from within will require years worth of work, getting the right people into the right offices and trying to plan regular events and meetings. Starting your very own club is also quite difficult, as you are starting from scratch. With this choice however, you get to do what you want. Hopefully, for your new club’s sake, other people will see eye to eye with you and want to participate. Otherwise, you’re club may only consist of one person.


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