Tricolor Scopas Tang Seen in Video


Last week we showed off a picture of a rather abnormal looking tang, called the “Mutant Scopas Tang”, shared with us by Barnett Shutman of CV Neptune Marine. Understanding our need for more of this unique fish, Barnett has also sent us a video. The short clip shows the tang swimming around inside an aquarium, but the background has been digitally replaced by footage from various ocean dives. As can be seen in the video, and the various images floating around the net, this individual Scopas Tang has a multitude of colors. Normal looking tangs of this species usually have dark brown or black coloration on the posterior half of their body that lightly fades to a lighter brown with a hint of yellow toward the head. The Tricolor Scopas, on the other hand, has a bit more yellow on it in various spots and dark brown splotches all over.


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