Update on the LFS Under Fire


We reported yesterday that a local fish store, Super Pet World, was under fire for mistreating animals in their store. A group of former employees was making unfounded and blatantly false claims that the store was harshly euthanizing animals and not providing the proper care to other animals in their store. The group attempted to involve authorities, new organizations, and animal rights groups in the situation. Fortunately, some good news has broken for the store. A constable with the local police department stopped by the store to investigate claims of animal cruelty. He and the owner walked around the store, looking at every animal in the store, eventually leaving after finding all of the animals and the store’s facilities to be in good standing. Later that day, the SPCA contacted the store to tell them they were also dropping any form of investigation. And earlier today, the news reporter who was going to be covering the story called to tell the store owner that, after speaking with the former employees with the complaints, that she too was shutting the door on this non-story.

I’m so glad to see the truth shining through in this situation, as any person with access to the net can claim just anything they want and find someone who will believe them, despite what the actual truth is. This unfortunately can cause irreparable damage, but thankfully Super Pet World has been cleared of any type of charge imaginable and local media outlets have completely dropped the lack of a story.


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