Visit to T&T Fish and Reef Shown on Video


We recently took a trip to the new T&T Fish and Reef over the weekend, and hoping they had their display aquariums stocked and running, we brought along the camera to see if we could get some good footage of their always amazing livestock. T&T has been serving the Houston area for over 25 years, but due to issues with the landlords, the store had to relocate. Fortunately, the new store is much larger and the rent much cheaper, allowing T&T to have four display aquariums instead of just the one they had at the previous location. While the store is still quite young and the tanks still new, the display reefs are starting to come together.

While at the store, I managed to pick up a couple of ORA Tridacna maxima clams, both of which look amazing in my honest opinion. Other than the clams, T&T is well known in the Houston area for their great SPS selection. Unfortunately though, there wasn’t a whole lot of corals in their display aquariums during this trip. Employees mentioned that they were going to be taking things slowly since everything was still so new, making sure only the best corals made their way into the display tanks.

Special thanks to Q, Paul, and Raymond for letting us video their gorgeous store.


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