Amazon Starts Their Own Pet Product Website

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According to Tech Crunch, Amazon is jumping into the pet industry with a website dedicated to cats, dogs, and yes, even fish. The online retail giant recently went live with the beta version of their pet friendly shopping site, sporting products from a variety of aquatic categories. The section of the site dedicated to fish is brightly colored and seemingly aimed at the saltwater sect of the hobby, but don’t get your hopes up. The site is vastly incomplete, having probably less than 100 aquatic products from only a handful of brands. I was half expecting to see live fish on the site, seeing as how they have a “New Fish” section, but it only leads to more aquarium products. Despite initial shortcomings, don’t count out yet because it is still so new. Who knows what the future has for the site and perhaps it will become populated by the aquarium equipment we’ve all come to know and love.


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