Aquarium Design Group Shows Off New Store, LED Lighting


Houston-based aquarium installation and maintenance company Aquarium Design Group recently showed off their new digs in a video that was originally created to show off the Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED strips. Before we discuss ADG’s new shop, which we are very excited about, we’ll describe the strips first. The TrueLumen Pro strips are simple and sleek, providing an energy efficient way of illuminating the fish-only freshwater and saltwater aquariums seen in the video above. The lights are mounted directly to the aquarium stands, not at all getting in the way of the day-to-day tasks that require putting hands into the display aquariums. The TrueLumen Pro strips are water resistant and are available in 12″, 24″, 36″ & 48″ lengths. They come in 8000K white, 12000K white, 453nm actinic blue, a combo strip with 12K white and 453nm blue.

Details about the new ADG store can be read below.

As for the store itself, it’s been one that we (Houston aquarium keepers) have been waiting on for a couple of years. ADG was previously located in a showroom in downtown Houston. The showroom was nice, but somewhat small and the space didn’t allow much for a shop that was open to the public. Instead, they had holding tanks in the back, but that was pretty much it. Realized a need to have more contact with the aquarium purchasing public, ADG moved to a larger space on the south side of the city. When they originally announced the relocation a couple of years ago, they also told us that ADG would have it’s own storefront. It’s still not exactly open to the public, though people can walk into the showroom and see all that the showroom and store have to offer.


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