Firmware Update for Genesis Reef Systems RENEW


Genesis Reef Systems RENEW

Genesis Reef Systems recently announced a firmware update for their flagship product, the RENEW water change system. The Version 1.3 release adds a new function in the form of “Automatic Repeat Modes” that allow the RENEW to automatically repeat daily or weekly water changes. According to the company, this update completely automates the water change process with this equipment, providing a way to perform “self-monitored” continuous water changes day after day.

The RENEW automatic water changing device allows hobbyists to perform water changes with the push of a button. Of course, the aquarium keeper has to pre-mix enough water to perform the change, but once accomplished, the actual process of draining and filling the aquarium becomes automated.. Simply set the number of gallons to be changed, make sure all of the tubing is secure, and walk away. Apparently, you won’t even have to turn off your pumps because old water is being replaced with new water at the same pace so your aquarium doesn’t miss a beat.


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